ROTDOW Defends Women and Children

Growing up in Akure, Ondo state, Nigeria, Ms Olajide Olaronke sold newspapers in the market and soft drinks in city parks. Her income helped pay the family’s rent and the tuition that kept her in government schools. Others were less fortunate in a culture where powerless women and children suffer daily indignities. Murder, rape and … Continue reading ROTDOW Defends Women and Children

One Giant Leap for Child Nutrition

Building a national nonprofit organization with a vision to end childhood hunger in America combines urgency, flexibility and patience. “We started thirty years ago in response to the famine in Ethiopia,” says Share Our Strength co-founder Debbie Shore. “There was a hunger problem and we thought restaurants would be the obvious partner because they feed … Continue reading One Giant Leap for Child Nutrition

Circus arts form an exit from poverty

Until Performing Life pitched its tent in Cochabamba, Bolivia, impoverished children could only dream of better circumstances. These neighborhoods lack piped water, sewage and paved roads. Many families share one-room houses. Instead of attending school, poor children unable to afford books and supplies wander the streets and panhandle for money. Abject conditions alarmed Performing Life … Continue reading Circus arts form an exit from poverty

Survival on the Line

Armed with a dual degree in sociology and Latin American studies from Brown University, Clay Plager-Unger answered an ad posted in 2007 by Planet Drum Foundation. The San Francisco-based nonprofit, started in 1973 by performer Judy Goldhaft and the late ecological visionary Peter Berg, sought a leader for a bold environmental project in Ecuador.   … Continue reading Survival on the Line

NGOs under fire in Egypt

On the pretense of preserving law and order, Egyptian authorities have put NGOs in cross hairs. Repressive penalties and restrictions bar travel for scores of activists, freeze assets and send critics to jail.   A series of administrative detention orders put prominent human rights lawyer Malek Adly in solitary confinement for 100 days. Supporters blamed his … Continue reading NGOs under fire in Egypt