NGOs under fire in Egypt

On the pretense of preserving law and order, Egyptian authorities have put NGOs in cross hairs. Repressive penalties and restrictions bar travel for scores of activists, freeze assets and send critics to jail.   A series of administrative detention orders put prominent human rights lawyer Malek Adly in solitary confinement for 100 days. Supporters blamed his … Continue reading NGOs under fire in Egypt

Four NGOs defend democracy in Malaysia

When human rights come under threat, NGOs mount a vigorous defense. Four groups in Malaysia oppose a leader allegedly steeped in corruption. Prime minister Najib Razak stands accused by the U.S. Justice Department of allowing a family friend to embezzle $3.5 billion from the state-run investment fund.   Cornered by critics pressing him to step down, the … Continue reading Four NGOs defend democracy in Malaysia

Global med students aid Uganda

As the Uganda Village Project prepares to mark 14 years of humanitarian assistance to the people of the Iganga district, co-founder Alison Hayward recalls the learning curve with pride — when she isn’t handling urgent duties as an emergency room physician at the Yale University School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital. “I didn’t … Continue reading Global med students aid Uganda

Who looks out for India’s rural poor?

The Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh on India’s remote southeastern coast seldom makes headlines unless natural disasters or political disruptions loom. Every day, however, grinding rural poverty affects millions of inhabitants living far away from the seats of national power in Delhi and Mumbai. Fortunately for the disabled, the HIV afflicted, destitute widows and agricultural … Continue reading Who looks out for India’s rural poor?

A new voice — A vital message

The global NGO community has an entrepreneurial friend in Mr. Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun, who launched #NGOpodcast in 2016 to spotlight and celebrate outstanding leadership in the NGO sector. Each podcast emanating from Segun’s home in Nigeria features a leader who is tackling humanitarian challenges despite terrific odds.   His very first guest, Ms. Tony Joy, … Continue reading A new voice — A vital message

Young Global Citizens Unite

Welcome to, where U.S. high school students meet global change makers in nongovernmental humanitarian relief organizations -- dubbed NGOs in the United Nations Charter.   Together with nonprofit academic enrichment under the banner, blogs will highlight global nongovernmental organizations that furnish food, medical care, education, financial support, shelter and other vital services to children, women … Continue reading Young Global Citizens Unite