“The great difficulty in education is to get experience out of ideas.”

—George Santayana, The Life of Reason


HighschoolNGOconnect.orgTM offers academic enrichment with a global twist: young global citizens in U.S. high schools embrace humanitarian causes. Virtual classroom visits to non-governmental humanitarian relief organizations (NGOs) inspire engagement and self-confidence. Seasoned NGO leaders impart their experience. Compassionate students propose fresh ideas.

Interactions and instruction highlight world history unfolding in real time. Learning first-hand how leaders ease humanitarian distress shows how motivated individuals meet challenges with daunting dimensions — from injustice harming small groups to natural disasters that displace tens of thousands.

A world tour goes where children, women and men face human or environmental distress. Informed high school students become social media advocates for worthy causes. Advocacy hones pivotal skills when students mobilize. They must plan, organize and communicate, keys to success in school and in jobs.

Mindful of its audience, highschoolNGOconnect.org explores socially conscious music, video games aimed at solving world problems, the poetry of dissent and social media as means to promote change.

The need for enrichment is most acute where incomes are low. At 65 high schools in New Jersey alone, more than half of student lunches are free. Too often, they pare academic enrichment to meet tight budgets. High drop out rates underscore the loss of engagement by students.

Enter highschoolNGOconnect.org. Seeing NGOs in action stirs motivation to make the world safer and better. A voice in global change echoes far and wide. Students welcome an end to isolation and, instead, seize a chance to ease human challenges abroad and at home.