The global NGO community has an entrepreneurial friend in Mr. Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun, who launched #NGOpodcast in 2016 to spotlight and celebrate outstanding leadership in the NGO sector. Each podcast emanating from Segun’s home in Nigeria features a leader who is tackling humanitarian challenges despite terrific odds.


His very first guest, Ms. Tony Joy, operates a budding network of young people dedicated to making a difference in Nigeria, dubbed “WeAreMAD.” The MAD. network envisions a future where young people act in concert to promote change and development. “Operation Keep Nigeria Clean” targets a “dirt-free” Nigeria in 2020.


Listeners also have met Mr. Omoyele Isaac Success, who started the Dreams from the Slum initiative in the capital city of Lagos. Its aim: educate, empower and mentor impoverished children so that their dreams can lift them out of slums. Ms. Lola Odeniyi, another guest, talks about Hearts Connect Initiative, an NGO that focuses on resolving gender based violence.


Mr. Segun, aka JOS to friends, stumbled on the idea after routine academic research introduced him to an internet radio station. “I was like, ‘wow,’” he says, referencing a chance to give NGOs a voice.Limited resources ruled out a radio station devoted to NGOs but podcasts opened an accessible door.


At 20 years old, Mr. Segun is nothing if not a hard-core idealist, an essential trait where odds of ultimate success are often slim. Outcomes should not rest on name-brand university educations or deep pockets, he says. “It all narrows down to the zeal and the readiness to impact the world with the little you’ve got.”


NGOs inspired him to leap barriers to bestow the attention they deserve. Armed with a national diploma in Computer Engineering from a polytechnic institution in Nigeria, he has pursued a dream: create a viable forum in the media industry.


Brainstorming located a gap in the media marketplace. Unsung NGOs deserve much more credit than anyone was giving them, in his view. The podcast format has no geographic limitation, an invitation for #NGOpodcast to go global. “I got started with the goal of reaching out to anywhere on this planet on behalf of NGOs,” says an optimistic Mr. Segun. “It’s just a matter of time.”

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