Welcome to highschoolNGOconnect.net, where U.S. high school students meet global change makers in nongovernmental humanitarian relief organizations — dubbed NGOs in the United Nations Charter.


Together with nonprofit academic enrichment under the banner highschoolNGOconnect.org, blogs will highlight global nongovernmental organizations that furnish food, medical care, education, financial support, shelter and other vital services to children, women and men living in duress every single day. Shout outs will applaud workers doing the most good with the scarcest resources.


Three words energize our daunting mission: Connect, Empower and Lead. A classroom-based after-school program will connect teens by Skype (or similar technology) to leaders on the ground in the NGO sector. Students will see history unfold in real time. Interviews will let them engage where fresh ideas are welcome.


The need for wider support is immense. Nearly one in nine people on earth lacks the food needed to live healthy, active lives, the World Food Programme reports. That’s 800 million starving people, a total larger than the populations of every country except India and China. One out of six children in underdeveloped countries is underweight. Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five – or 3.1 million children each year.


A population the size of Denver, Colorado has died as a consequence of natural disasters over two decades, the United Nations reported last November. Floods, storms, heat waves and droughts have left 4.1 billion people injured or homeless since 1995. Forcible displacement as a result of conflict and persecution has displaced 43 million people worldwide. NGOs race to their assistance.


Learning first-hand how leaders promote change in desperate circumstances has real impact. Motivated students gain the confidence and power to meet challenges in schools, communities and the world.

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